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Career orientation

It is important for parents to help their children enter the labour market.
In this context parents always ask themselves the same questions: What possibilities do I have? How do I proceed? Where can I get further information? Who can help me/us?
When looking for the “right job” there are three important stages of career orientation: “Getting information”, “making a decision”, “submitting an application”.

Stand with information brochures and flyers / © Thomas Geiger

Getting information

It will be very exciting for your child when he or she finishes school and starts looking for an apprenticeship.
“How do I find the right job for me? Which websites offer up-to-date information on application procedures? Where do I start looking?”
Help your child find the right apprenticeship!

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Three human figures deciding for a specific career path © istockphoto.com/Chi Ian Chao


Very often children are interested in a wide range of careers. They are interested in training as a retailer as well as in training for a technical job, such as a mechatronic engineer, for example.
Parents should carefully consider all their children’s career aspirations.
Often children find the job they are interested in together with their parents.

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Young person posting an enveloppe containing her application documents / © Thomas Geiger

Applying for an apprenticeship

Your child has narrowed down the number of potential career options. And what happens now?
Now comes the hard part of getting an apprenticeship! It is important to find the right apprenticeship for the desired job and to draw up a good and attention-grabbing application.

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Smiling apprentice at the bottom of a "career ladder" / © Thomas Geiger

Entering the labour market

From an introductory internship to your dream job. First impressions last, as the saying goes. The rest is a matter of hard work, ambition and motivation.

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