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Information for parents

Many young people trying to decide on a career option say that their parents and relatives have helped them to find the right training place. We have collected large amounts of information for you on the following pages so that you can provide competent support for your children in this important stage.

Graph of the German school and training system - © Federal Employment Agency, version 21 April 2010

The education system

Education in Germany falls within the responsibility of the Ministries of Culture and Education of the Federal Länder. The following overview illustrates the basic elements of Germany’s education system.

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Weißes Männchen geht auf roten Pfeilen/ © istockphoto.com/porcorex

Career orientation

It is important for parents to help their children enter the labour market.
In this context parents always ask themselves the same questions: What possibilities do I have? How do I proceed? Where can I get further information? Who can help me/us?
When looking for the “right job” there are three important stages of career orientation: “Getting information”, “making a decision”, “submitting an application”.

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Section from a colourful map of the Federal Republic of Germany / © Thomas Geiger

Apprenticeships offered by the federal administration

Did you know that the public service is the biggest employer in Germany, with a staff of some 4.5 million?

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Drei farbige Würfel mit den Buchstaben A-B-C / © istockphoto.com/porcorex

A-B-C for apprentices

What is “training-related assistance”? Where can my child get a “certificate of good conduct”? Does my child have to do overtime during training?

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Black "section" character enlarged by a magnifying glass / © istockphoto.com/Christian Rummel

Rights and money

What costs does my family have to meet during training? How can I pay for these costs and is there any support? How do I protect my child from the risk of unreasonable work? How do I insure my child appropriately? What about cost refunds?

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"SOS" sign written on whiteboard / © Thomas Geiger

What happens if things go wrong?

If your child did not get an apprenticeship this year, this is unfortunate but no reason to give up.
There are many things you can do now to help your child.

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